The main activity of the company “NEXUS 2F LTD” is the development and introduction of new advanced technologies in the field of waste management.


We are looking for qualified and reliable business partners for the creation of  joint ventures (power generating companies) in different countries/regions for the purpose of industrial and commercial implementation of our technology.

Business partners need to be ready to contribute to the development of the joint venture, and they must possess the appropriate resources and qualities:

  • Knowledge and understanding of the local market and its needs;
  • Availability of reliable and efficient business management and organizational skills including experience in creating professional business plans;
  • Availability of opportunities for promotion and development of business in the country/region where it is planned to organize business.

This business program assumes that the joint venture (power generating company) is authorized to purchase, install and operate furnaces at enterprises (for example, meat processing plants, poultry farms, sanitary-veterinary factories, etc.) in order to sell services of waste disposal and heat energy at a discount.

We offer to potential business partners the following equity participation in the proposed joint venture (power generating company):

  • 30% owned by the company «NEXUS-2F LTD» which provides equipment and components designed for installation at enterprises;

70% owned by a strategic business partner who invests its own funds or loan funds attracted at favorable interest rate to develop joint business in the territory.


  1. A preliminary design to develop a business plan is created in cooperation with the “Business-partner in the territory”.
  2. A business plan is created to determine the payback.
  3. The amount of possible discounts on recycling and thermal energy is defined.
  4. The business plan is adjusted in accordance with the discount coefficients.
  5. “Business-partner in the territory ” confirms its intentions after the approval of all items of the business plan.
  6. A joint power generating company is created.
  7. On behalf of the company created, the project is ordered from a specialized organization in the “territory” that provides the design of a foundation for the furnace, a feeder according to the state sanitary norms, as well as manages all related technical issues.
  8. “Nexus – 2F LTD” orders from its subsidiary a set of equipment including installation, assembly, adjusting of equipment and training of technical personnel.
  9. Installation, assembly, commissioning, adjusting of equipment and training of technical personnel are implemented in the “territory” of the project. A service contract is concluded.
  10. Tests, start-up of the equipment are carried out in the presence of the state commission with the signing of the relevant acts.



as our technology opens up new technical, environmental and economic opportunities

(payback period of our recycling equipment ranges from 12 to 20 months

depending on the specifics of the territory).

For more information please contact us.